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I'm currently researching the family line extending back from Naamon Osco York, who lived 1913 - 1985. I just received a copy of his Social Security Application (SS-5), which shows his parents to be George Wilbert York and Lucy Bell. He was born in Gainesville Georgia on August 1, 1913 and died December 19, 1985.

The name listed for his mother on the SS-5 is in conflict with the Obituary for Douglas York, his infant son who died back in 1952. The obit shows that one of the living grandmothers as Mrs. Eula Bell York of Palmetto, Georgia.

Eula M Bell York??Eula Bell was supposed to be full-blooded Cherokee Indian from North Georgia. Proving this is my main focus and may prove to be difficult.

My Aunt Joan Adair confirms the photo at right is Eula Bell York (her Grandmother). It was found in a collection of old York and Gramling family photos.

So far my research has shown that Eula Bell was actually Lillie Bell York.
On the 1920 census she was listed as the Head Of Household as Belle Reagan and then on the 1930 census she was again Lilly B. York with the same children.

Naamon Osco York SS-5, July 13th 1937

York Family Photo Circa 1914
York Family Photo, Circa 1914
Clockwise from left: Clara, Jim, Nora, Ernest
and in the stroller, Naamon Osco York.

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